2011 Canada Winter Games

  • Photo: Nicole Lapierre

  • Photo: Nicole Lapierre

  • Photo: Mike McCarthy

  • Photo: Mike Dembeck

  • Photo: Nicole Lapierre

  • Photo: Shirley Robb

When it was announced that the 2011 Canada Winter Games would be hosted in Halifax, people knew it was an exciting win for the city. But it wasn’t until the athletes started arriving, spectators filled the seats and the games got underway that it became clear just how impactful this event was going to be.

Despite the chilly February climate in Halifax, the city came alive during the 2011 Canada Winter Games.

And after 16,000 conversations on Twitter, 400,000 people live-streaming, two million page views and more than $8.2 million in sponsor dollars, it was no question that the 2011 Canada Games were a record-breaking success.

But the wins didn’t stop there.

The 2011 Canada Winter Games left behind a legacy unlike any in Halifax. A brand new recreational facility, outdoor skating oval, and a database of more than 1,200 volunteers. A guiding framework for hosting similar events, and  sponsorship dollars and attendance records that exceeded all expectations.  But one benefit that can’t be measured in numbers is the amazing sense of community pride still felt today.

Halifax did the Winter Games and the nation proud. Community pride isn’t something you can just make happen. It takes a special event to bring a community together like the 2011 Canada Winter Games did, and the lasting impact makes it all worthwhile.


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